Triple Bug Viewer - Navir

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Triple Bug Viewer - Navir

Triple Bug Viewer allows for 3-way observation: aerial, horizontal and from below. Supplied with tweezers.

Bug viewers are ideal to safely explore our natural world. Always remembering to return the creatures from where you found them. Insects are a critical part of our environment and without them we would not have the pollinators of our plants or  the ground cleaners of decaying leaves and plants.

Each Triple Bug Viewer is made from ABS plastic and packaged in a recyclable cardboard box. There are 12 boxes per display.


  • Optics: 5 elements
  • Large lens: diameter 45 mm
  • Small lenses: diameter 32 mm
  • Magnification: from 2 to 4
  • Mirror in unbreakable material

Suitable for ages up.
Brand name: Navir - Made in Italy