Fasteners Activity Puzzle Board

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Fasteners Activity Puzzle Board

A fun way for early learner to develop fine motor skill. They will master the basic skill of lacing, buckling, and doing up buttons.

The Fasteners Activity Puzzle Board set is a delightful and educational tool designed to nurture early learners fine motor skills while they have a blast. With three engaging activities, lacing, buckling, and buttoning, children embark on a journey to master essential life skills from a young age. Tying laces, fastening buckles, and buttoning are all crucial abilities that this board helps them develop in a fun and interactive way. Crafted from a combination of fabric and timber, this board ensures both durability and safety. Its painted with child-safe, non-toxic paint, so parents can have peace of mind while their little ones explore and learn. This toy isn't just a playtime accessory; its a stepping stone toward independence and competence for young learners. Animals printed on the underside of the puzzle where the pieces rest.

Puzzle board size approx. 22cmL x22cmWx 2cmH. Each puzzle piece approx 8cm x 8cm. Product says 5pcs, this includes the laces as 1pc. Clip, laces and button can all be undone and used.