Class Dough Pack in Tub


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Class Dough Pack in Tub

A set of dough play materials in a tub. Enough to keep a small group busy exploring with dough.

Set Includes:-

  • EV-MISA6 Match-It Stampers (6) Set A
  • EV-EGT3 Easi-Grip Dough Tool Set- Double Ended (3)
  • EV-WPH5 Dough Pattern Hammer Set
  • EV-CCF6 Dough Cutters - Fruit (6)
  • OZ-CCV6 Dough Cutter - Vegetable (6)
  • EV-DM Dough Extruder Machine
  • ZT-RP100 Wooden Rolling Pin - 25cm
  • EV-EGPRS Easi-Grip 4-in-1 Pattern Roller
  • EV-HPS4 Hemispherical Pattern Dough Stampers