First Nations Story Book Set (3)

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First Nations Story Books - Set of 3

The Rainbow Serpent by Dick Roughsey

A timeless classic from the Dreamtime. there are innumerable names and stories associated with the Rainbow Serpent, all of which communicate the significance of this being within First Peoples traditions. Dreamtime stories tell how the Rainbow Serpent came from beneath the ground and created huge ridges, mountains and gorges as it pushed upward. the name also reflects the snake-like meandering of water across a landscape and the colour spectrum sometimes caused by sunlight hitting the water. Paintings of the Rainbow Serpent first appeared in Arnhem Land rock art more than 6000 years ago, and perhaps as early as 8000 years before the present, as the seas rose after the last Ice Age. today the Rainbow Serpent is associated with ceremonies about fertility and abundance, as well as the organisation of the community and the keeping of peace.

You and Me by Leonie Norrington & Dee Huxley

At the edge of a northern Australian city, where river and mangrove meet the sea. Two young boys join Uncle Tobias on the beach for a day of fishing and hunting. They listen eagerly to his stories about the old days.

 Tom Tom by Rosemary Sullivan & Dee Huxley

Tom Tom is an engaging contemporary story that traces a day in the life of a small boy living in a typical First Nations community in the Top End of the Northern Territory. It follows the adventures of Tom Tom as he goes to preschool, eats lunch with Granny Annie in the bottom camp, swims in the Lemonade Springs in the afternoon and spends the night with Granny May and grandfather Jo in the top camp.

Rosemary Sullivan's simple text and Dee Huxley's vivid illustrations captures the warmth and security of Tom Tom's world as he moves freely within his community from relative to another.

Books measure approx. 25cm x 24cm